Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Two Brothers Trailer


Christine said...

Hi Christina! I love the trailer. I loved the story when you told me about it at Nationals, too! Way to go. I tweeted and posted this to my Facebook. When does the book get released? And who did your awesome trailer?

Congratulations again!!

Christina Wolfer said...

Hey Christine. Are you back from your trip? Sounds like you were having fun.

Thanks for spreading the word on this. I put it up for my author interview yesterday in case someone wanted to check it out. Glad you like it. Big smile - I created the trailer. Books not out until August, so the trailer might change between now and then.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I'm really impressed! You did this by yourself?! The quality is right up there with some professional trailers I've seen online. :)
I did see what type "Forgiver her" instead of "Forgive her". Should be an easy fix. Great job!
Lorie Langdon

Christina Wolfer said...

You are so sweet, Lorie. Thank you for the compliments on this. I love doing these types of things.

As for the typo, yes an easy fix. Already taken care of. Someone pointed that out to me before and I thought I'd fixed it. Must have deleted the wrong version.

I'm so glad you like the trailer and thanks for taking the time to stop in.

Renee Vincent said...

Wow I loved the trailer and the pictures were just perfect!!! I can't wait for this read!

J. Coleman said...

Nice job with the trailer. Just found another author I'm enjoying. Misty Evans "Witches Anonymous" series. Loved the blurb about the main character being the ex of Lucifer, being pursued by the original Adam, and in trouble with the archangel Gabriel. So far, its romance, tension, and comedy. I love a funny love story. Janet Evanovich is also a fav. Again, another great blog! Joelene

Christina Wolfer said...

Thanks Renee and Joelene. I enjoyed putting this together and feel it gets to the heart of the story. I'm jumping up and down with excitement that everyone likes the trailer.