Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In the Mood for Poetry

I don’t think of myself as a poet, but I do like to rhyme my words in short little ditties whether on paper or making up my own verses to a song while driving or dancing around the house.

When I was in high school, I wrote poems all the time. And recently I started a tradition at work where I write funny Ode’s to co-workers who are leaving. Sadly I've written quite a few over the last couple months.

Anyway, I’ve not studied poetry and I know little of the terms used or what applies to what I write. I don’t follow any rules, so I’ve probably broken them all. I wouldn’t know. I just write.

So enjoy and if you dare, share a bit of your own poetry.

A Rose

A rose fell from its branch today.
It seemed to wilt along the way.
I watched the rose hit the ground.
Death came without a sound.

It did not cry as people would.
It had been proud while it stood.
There was no grief over a past mistake.
It was not hollow, it was not fake.

Its life on earth was spent well.
It held its beauty until it fell.

A Gallant Horse

The trap is beginning to form.
I feel the pressure closing in around me.
I sense the danger and hear the warning,
Yet I’m pulled in as if against my will.
There is nowhere to turn and if there was would I choose it?
Why is it so hard to turn my back and walk away?
He does not ride a gallant horse.

My hands are placed against the wall for it’s begun to crumble.
My head knows I must fight to keep it in place.
My heart knows I will help tear it down.
After all this time of solitude the wall is gone
And before me appears a face.

The world I knew has died a silent death
And I have come upon that which I am afraid of.
I am amazed at what I see and what I feel.
Guided gently by the hand, I begin to see a new world around me.
I’m glad I did not turn my back and walk away.
For he does ride a gallant horse.


Ciara said...

Hi, Christina. I stopped in to say hi and tell you I'm following you now. It's nice to meet a fellow TMP author. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. :)

Christina Wolfer said...

Hi Ciara. Thanks for stopping in and following me. Silly me didn't think to do that when I visited your site earlier, but I went back and am now following you, too.