Sunday, March 6, 2011

Not Enough Time to Read a Novel - Meet the Novella

Work, kids, social events and more keeping you too busy to read the full length novel the way you use to? Well, don't worry. You don't have to give up reading. Meet the Novella. The novella is defined as having a word count between 17,500 and 40,000 making it a quick easy read.

A novella has generally fewer conflicts than novels and the endings are located at the brink of change. Unlike novels, they are generally not divided into chapters, but by sections with the use of white space. They are intended to be read at a single sitting. Therefore, fitting more easily into busy lives.

Whether this is your first introduction to the novella or you’ve been a long time fan, here is a list of some you might want to check out.

Through The Wall
by Keri Ford
On The Fence
by Keri Ford
Until Emie
by Gabriella Edwards
Claiming the Legend
by Janet Eaves
Midnight In Legend, TN
by Magdalena Scott
Bed, Breakfast and You
by Maddie James
The Reunion
by Jan Scarbrough
Unlawful Hearts
by Suzi Goode

Notable Novellas from the Past

Animal Farm (1945) by George Orwell
The Awakening (1899) by Kate Chopin
The Body (1982) by Stephen King
Legends of the Fall (1977) by Jim Harrison
Of Mice and Men (1937) by John Steinbeck

What are some of your favorite novellas?


Renee Vincent said...

You've got a few listed that I loved! Like Gabriella Edwards - Until Emie
Keri Ford - Through the Wall

But here's one I just read and LOVED too!
Sarah Ballance - Down In Flames
and now I'm reading Miriam Newman's The Comet

Great post, Tina!

Gabriella Edwards said...

Tina, thanks for the mention, dahlink! And Renee, you are so wonderful to say, you know, just sayin'!

I'm a huge fan of the novella, and when placed in an anthology of favorite authors, I'm in my happy place.

Loves me my novellas! BTW, can hardly wait for yours, RV!

Christina Wolfer said...

And look who dropped by, but Gabriella herself. I agree, Renee, Until Emie is an excellent read.

I've only recently become a fan of the novella and I'm starting a TBR pile for them, like On The Fence by Keri Ford and Buried In Briny Bay by Bobbye Terry.

Thanks Ladies.